Workers' Compensation: How Much is Your Claim Worth?

Workers' compensation is offered by nearly every employee in the United States. If you were injured while on the job, you are likely covered for your medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages, and the cost of getting retrained for a new job if need be.

It can be very challenging to know how much your workers' compensation claim is worth. Depending on your injury and the industry you work in, you could settle for potentially millions. Two employees could get hurt at the exact same company and have wildly different settlements, depending on the situation.

Broken limbs and back injuries will typically yield higher settlements than lacerations or other minor injuries, but nearly any injury could be worth pursuing if you're unable to work. For example, a software engineer might be entitled to a settlement if she were to cut her hand at work and is unable to type.

One of your best resources for successfully winning your workers' compensation claim is a workers' comp attorney. A lawyer can help determine how much your workers' compensation settlement is worth based on how much work you need to miss, and how your future earnings are impacted. To speak with a workers' compensation attorney who takes claims in your area, fill out our Free Evaluation today.

Here is some additional information on how much your workers' compensation claim is worth, depending on your injury or occupation: