How Much Is A Claim Against Dollar Tree Worth?*

Employees of Dollar Tree are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. While the state laws regarding workers’ comp coverage do vary, most employers across the U.S. are required to maintain the special insurance coverage to protect their employees. Workers’ compensation coverage is rather standard, covering about two-thirds of the employee’s lost wages and taking care of any medical expenses. If the individual is unable to return to the same job, it may cover vocational retraining costs.

How much your claim against Dollar Tree is worth depends on several different factors. There aren’t two claims the same, so coming up with the value of your workers’ compensation claim against Dollar Tree could be a complex process. Your workplace injury lawyer will determine the value of your workers’ comp claim. The amount you earn and the severity of your injuries come into play in determining the value of your claim.

Dollar Tree Company Profile

Dollar Tree is an American discount variety store chain that sells all items for $1 or less. Established in 1986 in Norfolk, Virginia, the chain has headquarters in Chesapeake, Virginia. It is a publicly traded company that has more than 14,700 locations. It offers snacks, food, health and beauty products, books, housewares, and toys for sale.

Dollar Tree has an annual revenue of more than $22.246 billion. As of February 2018, the chain had more than 176,100 employees in hundreds of different roles. Each of those roles has its risks. Family Dollar is a subsidiary of Dollar Tree Stores.

How Much Is A Claim Against Dollar Tree Worth?*

Employee Earnings At Dollar Tree

How much you are going to receive in a settlement is affected by your regular salary. Here are some examples of what Dollar Tree employees are paid:

  • Store sales associates average $9 per hour
  • Operations assistant manager earns $39,000 to $57,000
  • Human resources managers earn $44,000 to $73,000

What Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Might Be Worth If Injured At Dollar Tree

A Dollar Tree workers’ comp claim has two different components – the medical expenses and the lost wages. Your medical bills are added up and your future need for medical care is also considered. Medical expenses are all-inclusive, such as physician visits, hospitalization, tests, prescriptions, and medical devices. Your workplace injury lawyer will review the details of your medical needs.

Your lost wages comprise the next component of your claim. Workers’ comp usually reimburses about two-thirds of your regular wages. Any past lost wages and future loss of earnings are considered. Your lawyer will review the details of your case and consider how long you will be off work because of the injuries. If a Dollar Tree employee gets $20,000 a year and suffered a back injury that will lead to missing two months of work, he or she will be owed about $2,220 for the lost pay for those two months.

Making Your Claim Against Dollar Tree Easier

If you were hurt in a workplace accident at Dollar Tree, you should consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer who is licensed in your state. Workers’ compensation lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means you will not have any upfront costs. Schedule your free case review today.

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