What Is A Hernia Worth In A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Workplace accidents happen every single day. Sometimes a worker might suffer a hernia while on the job. As an example, heavy lifting could result in the bulging of a tissue or an organ through the abdominal opening. Most employers must have workers’ compensation insurance to protect their employees in the event of a workplace accident or if there is an occupational disease. Workers’ compensation will pay for the medical care and will cover about two-thirds the lost wages.

The Value Of Your Hernia Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you suffer a hernia on the job, you will need to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Sometimes the benefits are paid throughout the claim, which means the medical bills are covered and that the workers gets weekly checks for a portion of his or her lost wages just so long as he or she is unable to work. However, sometimes claims are denied and legal action must be taken, or a settlement may be agreed on and the worker might receive a lump sum rather than the regular checks.

When a settlement is calculated, the amount of time off work and any past and future medical care are taken into consideration. Each claim varies significantly, and no two hernia claims will qualify for the same workers’ compensation settlement. Your attorney will be able to come up with a fair value.

What To Do If You Suffer A Hernia While Working

If a workplace accident has left you in pain, or if you realize you have suffered a hernia, you will need to report it to your supervisor as quickly as possible. An accident report must be filed. Be sure to take some notes while the incident is fresh in your memory. Also, remember if there are any witnesses because they can be helpful to your claim and help prove that your hernia is the result of a workplace accident. Always establish medical care right away after a workplace accident. When you get your medical treatment underway, you are showing the connection between your injury and your workplace accident. If you wait, it is more difficult to show the casual connection between the two.

What Is A Hernia Worth In A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Consult With A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When you have suffered an injury at work, it can be challenging to show that you should get workers’ compensation benefits. There are many legitimate workers’ compensation claims that are denied every year. If you have suffered a hernia while on the job, consult with a workers’ compensation attorney. A lawyer will help you get your claim on the right track and will prove that you deserve the benefits that you deserve access to the benefits set aside for injured workers. Workers’ compensation attorneys take cases on the contingency basis, so you have no costs upfront. Instead, your lawyer will not be compensated until you recover compensation through a judgment or a settlement.

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