Workers’ Compensation Claim if Injured at a Lowe's Store*

Injuries at work can cause a lot of worry. How are you going to pay for the hospital treatment that you never planned for? How is your family going to cope while you are hospitalized or recovering at home? The answer for most workers is a claim for workers’ compensation.

The majority of workers should be covered by their own employers’ insurance provisions which are normally state mandated. A workers’ comp. claim covers the basic costs of a work related injury such as medical expenses and a portion of any lost earnings. If confused about your rights, contact a workers’ compensation attorney.

Lowe’s Companies Inc. – Company Profile

Lowe’s Companies Inc. is the second largest chain of hardware and home improvement stores in the U.S. There are currently 1,840 stores in operation in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Lowe’s employs 265,000 employees across all its operations.

In terms of overall size, number of stores and gross income, the company is second only to the Home Depot, but leading other major international chain stores such as the British B&Q and OBI. With that huge number of employees there is always the possibility that someone is going to suffer an accident and then file a workers’ comp. claim.

Hourly Wages at Lowe's

The normal wages that an injured employee earns at Lowe’s determines the level of compensation awarded through a workers’ compensation claim. In addition to wages, a successful claim should result in medical expenses being paid.

Because there are many different categories of employment at Lowe’s, the amount of compensation that would be paid varies considerably. Here are three examples to illustrate the variation in hourly wage and therefore compensation. Variations in hours actually normally worked as well as overtime can affect the calculation too.

  • Retail store department manager earns between $15.31 and $20.49.
  • Sales specialists earn between $13.56 and $19.56.
  • Cashiers earn between $9.46 and $12.77.

Workers’ Compensation Claim if Injured at Lowe's*

The figures were provided by and were derived from March 2017 figures.

What Could You Claim for Wages Through Workers’ Compensation?

The amount of compensation for lost wages is determined partly by the state workers’ compensation laws and the normal wage earned by the injured employee. It works out in most states at around two thirds of the normal wage.

For a cashier, just to take a single example of an injured Lowe’s worker, that would mean compensation would be approximately ($7 two thirds of $11) multiplied by the number of hours normally worked.

You may not need legal help if you file a claim for workers’ compensation, but claims don’t necessarily proceed smoothly. In some situations, your employer’s insurer may deny you any compensation. You may also find that the amount of compensation offered is much less than expected.

If you have any problems with the claim and need legal advice, contact an experienced workers’ comp. attorney as soon as you can. Usually, the sooner the claim is filed after an injury, the easier it will be to collect supporting evidence and obtain eye witness reports.

*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Lowe's, or any other company, you may not be entitled to any compensation.