Hiring an Attorney for Workers' Compensation

In some cases, it's possible to successfully file a workers' compensation page with no problems and receive the benefits you need immediately. Unfortunately, this may not happen when you're injured at work. The process is very confusing, stressful, and unfruitful for thousands of injured US workers.

Because workers' compensation is so complicated, it's often beneficial to seek help from a workers' comp attorney. Not only will legal help make the workers' comp filing processes easier to understand, but speaking with a lawyer could actually help get you the financial benefits you need from your employer if your claim hasn't been approved yet, or if you've been denied benefits.

Work-Related Injuries That Should Be Straight Forward

It's possible for workers' comp claims to be very straight forward if you have suffered a clearly disabling injury while at work or while working offsite. Additionally, your claim may be an easy win if you can prove that you suffered an intentional tort performed by an employer. It's unlikely that your company's insurer would deny these types of claims. You usually need very little evidence to prove your claim with such an irrefutable case.

If you have a claim with a severe injury or an intentional tort, you might not feel you need legal help. However, it's often a mistake to not speak with an workers' comp lawyer before filing. Workers' comp attorneys can help protect your best interests as an employee and relay communications between you, your employer, and your employer's insurance company. If a dispute comes up in the middle of your claim, your attorney can represent your claim fairly and fight to maintain your claim's validity and get you benefits.

Complex Workers' Comp Claims

Not every workers' compensation claim is an open and shut case. What about smaller injuries, like carpal tunnel or a strained back? Claims like these can get very complicated, and many employers may try to argue that a smaller injury does not warrant benefits, or did not occur at your place of work. It's likely that you'll need to be examined by multiple medical experts to determine if your condition developed while at work.

Workers' compensation claims for minor injuries also involve additional steps when compared to those for employees with catastrophic injuries. You may be asked to testify in front of your employer's insurance company, or wait for your colleagues to be interviewed before your claim can progress.

The stress from having your claim questioned in addition to having the burden of your medical condition will undoubtedly make this a very challenging time for you and your family, especially without any income coming through every week. Having a workers' compensation attorney on your side should not only improve your chances of winning your claim, but will give you the peace of mind knowing that you have help fighting for your case. If your claim is approved quicker due to your attorney, you'll be able to pay off your medical bills and rent quicker than without legal aid.

Injured Covered Under Workers' Compensation Law

Not every injury you could develop will be covered under workers' compensation. Laws vary from state to state, so not every employee will be covered as well. For the most part, your normal daily duties will be covered by your employer. If you're not sure if your specific injury is covered, speak with a workers' compensation attorney to determine your eligibility and your state's specific workers' compensation laws. Workers' compensation attorneys are only able to take your claim if they are licensed in your state, so they can help interpret the laws in your area.

Attorney Fees and Workers' Comepnsation

Most people have never needed to hire an attorney before, and will not be familiar with how a workers' compensation fee resolution works. The cost of hiring a workers' comp attorney can be based on several factors, including:

  • What billing options your attorney offers
  • Your lawyer's hourly fee rates
  • How long it takes to resolve your claim
  • Whether you actually win your claim, and if you receive the settlement you filed for
  • Any additional legal expenses that arise during the process

Generally, workers' compensation attorneys will not charge you anything unless you win your claim. Your attorney's fees would be paid through your settlement. Fees vary depending on the firm you use and what state you live in. Consultations are often free, and California actually requires its initial consultations to be completely free for workers' compensation claimants. You might be charged for the fees of printing additional paperwork, or fees accumulated from requesting medical records or other evidence. You can speak with a workers' compensation attorney in your area to get a better idea of your claim's specific costs.

To learn more about hiring a workers' compensation lawyer in your state, or to have your claim evaluated by a legal professional for free, click here now.