What Might My WC Claim as an Injured Packer Be Worth?

Packers are needed in many types of commercial retail activity. Packers are as likely to be employed to unpack goods and see they are accounted for and delivered wherever they are supposed to go as they are to pack goods up for further delivery.

Packers who are injured while on the job may be able to claim workers’ compensation. This is a no-fault insurance payment which is designed to make available the cost of medical treatment as well as partial wages, typically around two thirds of their normal pay packet.

If you work as a packer and are injured you should let your employer know as soon as possible and file a claim within the state’s workers’ compensation time limits.

Injuries that Packers Might Have on the Job

Packers face daily stresses and strains because of their job. They may develop a bad back, caused by repetitive bending over or heavy lifting. The term bad back is a bit of a misnomer as there are several different sorts of injuries like slipped discs or pinched nerves.

Some packers may face developing a hernia, which can take several weeks to recover from properly. In large warehouse type packing sheds such as an Amazon one, there may be a danger of being hit by a falling parcel. Some of these big warehouses have conveyor belts located near to and often slightly above the level of people’ heads. An accident involving something falling on to a packer’s head or body can be extremely serious.

What a Claim Might be Worth

It is hard to put a dollar value on everything that has been injured. The man variables are the severity of the injury and whether the packer needs to recover at home or faces extended periods in a hospital.

The value of the medical component is a simple sum of everything that has been already paid for or is yet to be paid for which is a direct consequence of the injury. This is generally easy to calculate as long as all the invoices or bills are provided with the submitted claim.

It can help to get confirmation of what happened from other co-workers as these sorts of incidents may not be recognized by an insurer. Insurers are never very keen to pay compensation and may question the validity of a claim.

What Might My WC Claim as an Injured Packer Be Worth?

Hiring a WC Attorney May be Advisable

If you are an injured packer and are worried about the amount you are going to receive, or whether you are entitled to obtain any compensation at all, you should contact a workers’ compensation attorney to discuss the accident and obtain advice about what you can do to maximize your chance of obtaining compensation. Most WC attorneys provide free initial consultations and may defer any legal fees until a payment has been made by your employer’s insurer.

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