How Much Is a Claim Against Fedex Worth?*

However hard you try, there are circumstances in which you can become injured in the very place you work in. Fortunately, every state makes provision for injuries and illness at work.

Each state may be somewhat different from the rest, but the majority of employers are required by law to take out workers’ compensation insurance in case one of their employees is injured or becomes ill while at work.

A workers’ comp. claim can help to pay for any medical expenses and a portion of any wages that are lost while recovering. If there is any problem with the claim, a workers’ compensation attorney can help.

Company Profile: Fedex

Fedex is a worldwide courier and express freight company with its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. It was first established 46 years ago and soon became a household name as far as freight deliveries were concerned. The company was the first of its type to introduce parcel tracking online, something that similar freight companies soon copied.

Fedex was known as Federal Express until 2000 when it changed its name. It acquired one of its main competitors, TNT, in 2015. Fedex freight goes by land and air, with a commitment to deliver most packages overnight. It employs around 400,000 employees in total throughout all the many divisions of the company.

Hourly wages at Fedex

Wages at Fedex depend on the job. There are several different jobs and each one is on a different pay scale. A few of these pay scales are indicated below as examples.

  • Operations managers are paid the highest hourly wages at $17.40 to $26.82.
  • Operations Administrators are paid hourly wages of between $12.08 and $17.57.
  • Delivery drivers earn between $10.14 and $22.15.
  • Package handlers earn between $10.07 and $14.05.

These examples were sourced from and are valid for March 2017.

Workers’ Compensation Claim if Injured at Fedex*

How Workers’ Compensation Payments are Calculated

Workers’ compensation claims typically claim for the cost of legitimate medical expenses as well as a portion of any wages that are lost while the worker remains away from work. The precise calculations are dependent partly on the state and the pay that the worker would be expected to have gained if he or she had been at work, as well as the total medical bill.

Consult with a Workers' Compensation Attorney

Workers’ compensation claims are not always as straightforward as they should be. You might face some opposition from either your employer or your employer’s insurance company. It helps to have as much supporting evidence as possible, witnesses to the accident if there was one and as much documentation as is needed.

If you are finding any sort of obstacle in the path of your claim, contact an experienced workers’ comp. attorney who can negotiate on your behalf.

*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Fedex, or any other company, you may not be entitled to any compensation.