How Much Is A Claim Against Kaiser Permanente Worth?*

Most employers must maintain workers’ compensation insurance to protect themselves and their employees in the event of a workplace injury or an occupational disease. Kaiser Permanente must maintain this protection for its employers. You will need to maintain documentation that supports your claim and that shows your injuries are the result of being hurt while on the job.

No two claims are the same, and different claims are worth different amounts. It is challenging to determine a Kaiser Permanente workers’ compensation claim’s value. The nature and severity of your injury, the total costs of your medical care and how long you are off from work will affect your workers’ compensation settlement. Your workers’ comp attorney will help you throughout the claims process.

Kaiser Permanente Company Profile

Kaiser Permanente is an integrated American managed care consortium established in 1945. It has headquarters in Oakland, California, and is made up of three independent, but distinct groups of entities – Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Permanente Medical Groups, and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan.

With an annual revenue of $79.7 billion and more than 217,415 employees and 22,914 physicians as of 2018, the company has multiple employees filling various roles. Of course, any of these jobs come with risks, so there are multiple workers’ comp claims filed against Kaiser Permanente each year.

Employee Earnings At Kaiser Permanente

When you file a workers’ compensation claim, the amount of your salary plays an important role in your settlement. There are several different jobs at the company, and each job has its own salary. As an example:

  • A senior analyst has an average annual salary of $77,278, but ranges from $59,022 to $105,493
  • A project manager averages $86,915 per year, ranging from $53,000 to $151,000
  • A customer service representative averages $21 an hour, or from $13 to $29 hourly

How Much Is A Claim Against Kaiser Permanente Worth?*

What Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Might Be Worth If Injured At Kaiser Permanente

There are two separate components to a workers’ compensation claim. Medical expenses are one component. This is based on physician visits, hospital stays, physical therapy, and other medically related expenses. Any future medical costs are considered as well. A more serious injury might require future medical care, such as surgery or rehabilitation. Be sure to include all those costs when calculating your settlement.

The next component involves lost earnings, which is usually about two-thirds of what you would have received if you had been at work. As an example, if an employee of Kaiser Permanente earns $40,000 each year and is unable to work for two months, the total would be about $4,440. A workers’ compensation attorney will determine the value of your claim, including future losses.

Making Your Claim Against Kaiser Permanente Easier

If you have suffered injuries in a workplace accident at Kaiser Permanente, you should enlist the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer. With the help of an attorney, you are much more likely to recover damages. Workers’ comp lawyers work on a contingency basis, so you have nothing to lose.

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*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Kaiser Permanente or any other company, you may not be entitled to any compensation.