Workers' Compensation Glossary

Do legal terms confuse you? Is the jargon that your company's insurance provider uses making an already-complex process even worse? If so, you've found the right resource. We have a series of common glossary terms that you may find throughout the workers' compensation filing process.

We've complied a list of glossary terms designed to help you understand the complicated workers' compensation process. Here are some terms you might find beneficial:

Workers' Compensation Terminology

Another Resource: A Workers' Compensation Attorney

One of the best resources you can turn to when confused by workers' compensation terms is a workers' comp attorney. Workers' compensation lawyers work on contingency, which means they're not paid unless you win your claim.

If you need to speak with a workers' compensation attorney, please fill out our Free Evaluation. That will put you in contact with a workers' comp attorney in your area for a free claim review.