What is a Primary Treating Physician?

The primary treating physician is the physician that has been selected by the company to treat an injured employee. The primary treating physician will initially evaluate the employee in order to assess the extent of the injury and will recommend a course of treatment. Afterwards, the primary treating physician will continue to monitor the employee and will be responsible for sending in workers’ comp reports for determining disability ratings.

The primary treating physician can also prescribe light duty for those who have been injured, but are capable of handling a less physically or mentally demanding job.

How Can an Attorney Be Helpful?

If you disagree with the assessment of your primary treating physician, your attorney can help you file the necessary paperwork to get a second or third opinion. The doctors that will be provided to you for these additional evaluations will also be doctors selected by your employer. If you still disagree with their findings, your attorney can help you file the paper work so you can get an independent evaluation from a physician of your choice, but the employee will be responsible for the fees charged for this independent evaluation.

An attorney can make sure all the paperwork you need to complete is done accurately and can ensure that the report from your independent evaluation is completed and submitted by the proper deadlines. Your workers' compensation attorney will work so that all your records are made available so your disability rating will be fairly calculated to give you the best chance of receiving maximum benefits.

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