Denied Workers’ Comp. at Kaiser Permanete*

Kaiser Permanete is a health care foundation that has 12.2 million health plan members and 217,415 employees, of which there are more than 22,000 physicians, 59,000 nurses spread across 39 medical centers, and 690 medical facilities. Health care workers are the most vulnerable when it comes to accidents, injuries and sickness. There are just too many hazards in medical facilities to count, anything from falling on dirty, slippery floors to contracting illnesses carried by patients.

Whatever the circumstances of an accident or illness, the victim should still be entitled to worker’s compensation until returning to work is possible. Kaiser Permanete’s WC insurers do not always see an accident and injury in quite the same way as a victim. So out of the blue when you lodge a WC claim and your claim is denied it throws you momentarily into turmoil. Your immediate concern is likely to be paying for your medical treatment.

Why Would I be Denied WC at Kaiser Permanete?

There are many reasons for denying a WC claim even in an obviously hazardous workplace like a medical center.

  • The accident did not happen within the required time frame stated by Kaiser Permanete;
  • Did not lodge the WC claim within the specific state’s statute of limitations;
  • The accident took place off the work place premises;
  • It was a recurrent injury from an accident not on Kaiser Permanete property.

Whatever the reason given by Kaiser Permanete’s insurers, it is in your interest to lodge a WC appeal so that you can try and get your workers’ comp. entitlement.

Denied Workers’ Comp. at Kaiser Permanete*

Process to Follow if Denied a Claim at Kaiser Permanete

The first stage of the WC appeal process is mediation, which is often the fastest way to reach an agreement. However, it needs to be done within the specified time frame outlined in he denial letter. If this fails which they often do you will need to move onto the next stage which is attending a formal hearing where all the evidence supporting the WC appeal has to be provided. If your WC claim is still rejected you can appeal against the formal hearing’s decision. This may take place in front of a worker’s compensation board in your state.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Going through a WC appeal process can be a stressful time as you may be experiencing financial hardship due to the fact you haven’t been receiving worker’s comp. This is the time when you will need an experienced workers’ comp. lawyer the most. S/he knows WC insurers only too well and can help to bring them down so that you get the WC you are entitled to receive.

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The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Kaiser Permanete, or another party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.