Filing an Amazon Workers’ Compensation Claim in California*

Working at Amazon can offer you a career that takes you places you never even imagined you could reach as a professional. Conversely, working for Amazon, or any other similar company, can also take you to the nearest medical center to receive treatment for work-related injuries.

Jobs, such as driving a company vehicle or working at one of a company’s many warehouses located in the United States, at companies like Amazon can lead to a workplace accident(s) that requires immediate medical care. From repeatedly lifting heavy boxes to slipping and falling on a wet floor, Amazon workers, at those at comparable corporations, run the risk of sustaining one or more injuries during each shift.

How Do I File an Amazon* Warehouse Workers’ Compensation Claim?

If you got hurt while working for Amazon, or another similar company, you have the right to file a California workers’ compensation claim for financial assistance.

California Workers’ Compensation Laws

California has established several laws regarding workers’ compensation claims for employees of companies like Amazon. Private sector employers in California that have at least one part-time or full-time employee are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance from a state-registered insurance company. To process workers’ compensation claims involving Amazon, or another similar company, in California, private sector employers are required to follow a series of steps.

California state law grants few exemptions to the minimum number of employees rule by not counting Limited Liability Company (LLC) members (i.e., workers that do not work in the office or warehouse of a company like Amazon), as well as executive directors of companies that do not fully own the business that they manage.

If a California private sector employer does not purchase the proper amount of workers’ compensation insurance, the employer (i.e., Amazon or another comparable corporation in this context), faces a $10,000 fine per infraction, as well as a one-time state financial penalty that does not exceed $100,000.

How To File an Amazon Workers’ Compensation Claim in California

If you sustained one or more injuries working at an Amazon, or any other comparable corporation, office or warehouse, the first step to receiving workers’ compensation benefits involves getting treated at the nearest medical center.

In many states, when or if an employee sustains injuries at work that require emergency care, they have the right to get medical attention from any healthcare provider. However, this is not the case in California. When an employee injures themselves at work in California, this state’s law requires the injured workers to receive medical attention from a healthcare provider listed in the employer’s network for less serious injuries.

Starting on the day of workplace accident, you, as the injured employee, have 30 days to let your employer know about the incident that caused your injuries. Once you have informed your employer of the accident, you should receive instructions on how to proceed with filing an Amazon, or other comparable company, workers’ compensation claim. Typically, these instructions include how to accurately complete a claim form, as well as a discussion regarding your submission of physical evidence that includes photographs of your injuries.

Once you have submitted your claim, the insurance company of a corporation such as Amazon usually has up to 90 days to issue a decision regarding your claim. If Amazon, or the similar company you work for, denies your California workers’ compensation claim, you have the right to file an appeal that gives your claim a second review.

Damages In an Amazon Workers’ Compensation Claim in California

Filing an Amazon, or any other similar company, workers’ compensation claim can allow you to recover the financial losses that are associated with the injuries sustained because of a workplace accident. For employees who have been injured at work, paying the bills for their medical expenses is one of, if not, the largest types of damages associated with a workplace accident.

If you’ve been injured at work and are worried about being able to take care of your medical bills, you should strongly consider filing a California workers’ compensation claim. This is because, if you file a workers’ compensation claim in California and end up winning your claim, the money you could receive from this claim could take care of medical bills (e.g., diagnostic tests, treatment programs, and rehabilitation sessions). Additionally, the compensation you could receive from winning your claim could also be used to pay for prescription medications and the use of an assistive device if needed.

Filing a California workers’ compensation claim could also give you a chance to recover some of their lost wages. Lost wages is a term used to refer to the money that an employee could and would have been earning in their position, but were unable to as a result of injuring themselves at work. In order to justify compensation for lost wages, you will need proper evidence. Submitting copies of bank and timekeeping statements can serve as the evidence you would need.

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*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Amazon, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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