Can I File a Claim If I Work Part-Time at Amazon*?

If you are a part-time employee of Amazon who has suffered an injury on the job, you might be wondering if you have access to workers’ compensation benefits and if it would be worthwhile to pursue a claim. Just so long as you are an actual employee of Amazon, then you can pursue a workers’ compensation claim.

Employers who are required to maintain workers’ compensation coverage must maintain the coverage for all paid employees. This means both part-time and full-time workers are covered by the special insurance. You would follow the same process as a full-time employee.

Injured at Amazon While Working Part-Time

If you are a part-time employee of Amazon and you suffer an injury while involved in an accident on the job, you should notify your supervisor right away. Failure to notify your employer of the claim in a timely manner could result in you becoming ineligible to receive benefits.

You should then seek medical care as soon as possible. If you delay being treated for your injury, it might seem as though your injuries aren’t as serious as they are, or it might seem as though your injury didn’t occur at the date and time that you allege.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available to Part-Time Amazon Employees

Part-time employees are entitled to the same Amazon workers’ compensation benefits as full-time employees. Here is a rundown of what you are eligible for when your workers’ comp claim has been approved.

Medical benefits – The cost of treating your workplace injury is covered by workers’ compensation insurance. This includes hospital care, surgery, ambulance transportation, physical therapy, prescriptions, medical devices or equipment, and follow-up visits. Your mileage to and from medical appointments is also reimbursable.

Lost wages – If your injuries are causing you to miss work, you will be reimbursed about two-thirds of your regular wages. To be reimbursed, your treating physician must provide you with documentation that says you are unable to work and specify how long you will be out of work or when you will be reevaluated to determine if you can return to work.

Vocational training – If you are unable to return to the same job or to the same field of work, Amazon workers’ compensation will cover the cost of your vocational retraining. This is so you will not be permanently disabled and so you can return to the workforce and be productive while earning a living.

Can I File a Claim If I Work Part-Time at Amazon*?

Consult With a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you have been hurt while working part-time for Amazon, you should consult with a workers’ compensation attorney before you file your claim for Amazon workers’ compensation benefits. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form so an attorney who handles workplace injury claims in your area can review the details of your Amazon injury and determine the best way to proceed with your claim. There is a strict statute of limitations, so act today.

*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Amazon, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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