Do You Need a Lawyer if You Injured Your Knee at Work?

If you suffered a knee injury at work, you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. While workers’ compensation laws do vary from one state to another, most U.S. employers must maintain the insurance coverage to protect themselves and their workers.

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance program that includes medical benefits, which will pay for your medical expenses related to your job and will cover about two-thirds of your regular salary while you are unable to work. Sometimes additional benefits are included, such as vocational retraining if it is necessary because you are unable to return to the same job.

Am I Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits for an Injured Knee?

Any workplace injury is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is a detailed process, with specific claims deadlines and paperwork that must be completed accurately and in detail. You need to ensure all the processes are followed specifically to prevent delays and to avoid losing access to much-needed benefits.

You will also need to prove that your knee injury did occur on the job. You will seek medical care right away from an approved physician and you will need to properly notify your employer of the injury. Make sure all steps have been followed and that you do everything right, so you can get your workers’ compensation benefits.

Damages from an Injured Knee at Work

You were working in the warehouse when you were hit by boxes falling from a pallet jack. The impact knocked you over, injuring your knee. You slipped and fell from a ladder in the stockroom, twisting your knee as you hit the concrete. You were making deliveries in the company truck when you were involved in a crash that resulted in your knees being injured by the dashboard. These are just a few examples of how a knee injury can happen while you are on the job.

Knee injuries can be minor or serious, with some taking months to heal. Sometimes you might suffer setbacks and need ongoing medical care or suffer pain years later. Knee injuries might vary from a sprain or strain to a broken patella or a torn ligament. Sometimes knee replacement surgery might be necessary to recover from the injury. In the meantime, you might miss several weeks, or even months, of work. Your medical team will most likely include an orthopedic surgeon.

Do You Need a Lawyer if You Injured Your Knee at Work?

Why Consider a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Workers’ compensation claims are complicated. Failing to fill out paperwork in detail and accurately while making sure your details are consistent could cost you benefits. A workers’ compensation attorney will make sure your claim is handled effectively and efficiently with no time or resources being wasted.

Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form on this page today, so you can make sure your claim is on the right track and you can access your much-needed benefits. Don’t delay. Time is of the essence when it comes to workers’ compensation claims.