WC Benefits After Being Injured While Using a Pipelayer

Every job that exists has its own inherent risks, but the risks that come with working construction are much greater. It involves various machines, heavy equipment, and the use of a variety of tools that can lead to serious injuries or even death.

If you have been hurt at work while using a pipelayer, you should qualify to receive workers' compensation benefits. Most of the country's employers maintain workers' compensation coverage to help workers in the event of an on the job injury.

Workers' compensation offers medical benefits and a portion of the lost wages while the worker is unable to work. If vocational retraining is required, that might also be covered by workers' compensation benefits.

What is a Pipelayer?

A pipelayer is used to lay pipe, such as water lines , pipelines, or sewer lines into trenches. These pipelines are used to transport fuels and gases, water, liquids, and waste from one location to another. Sometimes pipelines travel several miles. When the trench is dug for the pipeline, there is a real risk of it collapsing.

A collapsing trench can cause suffocation or serious injuries, such as internal injuries or crushed bones. Those working with pipelayers and trench diggers should undergo extensive training to reduce the odds of being seriously injured while working. However, even with the right training and proper safety protocol in place, accidents still happen.

Injuries Sustained When Using a Pipelayer

A variety of injuries can result from an incident with a pipelayer. These are often serious injuries and sometimes lead to permanent disabilities or even death. Just one wrong move can cause serious problems. The machine must be properly maintained and serviced to help prevent mechanical failure as well.

Here are a few of the injuries that could result from a pipelayer accident:

  • Broken or crushed bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Head trauma
  • Amputations
  • Spinal injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Death

If you have been hurt using a pipelayer, you could have tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical expenses. You could find yourself unable to return to work for months or having to switch to a different kind of work together.

Workers' compensation might be able to provide the financial support you need to make it during this challenging time. Consult with a workers' comp attorney before filing a benefits claim.

Consult With a Workers' Compensation Attorney

If a work-related injury has left you with mounting medical bills and the inability to work, you should consult with an experienced workers' compensation attorney. Your workers' compensation attorney can help you file a claim for benefits and get the benefits that you are entitled to receive following a work-related injury.

If your claim is denied, your lawyer will file an appeal. If benefits are stopped, your lawyer will fight to have them reinstated. With experienced legal representation on your side, your chances of a successful claim are much greater. Consult with an experienced workers' compensation attorney about your claim today at no charge.