Workers' Comp For Accidents Involving a Pile Driver

If you work construction, your chances of being injured in a work-related accident are much higher than those who work in other professions. If you have suffered an injury while at work, you should be eligible to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits.

Workers' compensation covers medical expenses and pays about two-thirds of your regular salary while you are recovering from your injuries. Most employers throughout the United States are required to maintain workers' comp insurance for their employees but the state laws do vary regarding that coverage.

States set their own guidelines regarding workers' compensation insurance coverage and its requirements.

What is a Pile Driver?

A pile driver is a mechanical device that is used to drive poles deep into the soil to provide support for buildings and various structures. A traditional pile driver might include a heavy weight that is placed between guides so it can slide freely between the guides in a single line.

Diesel, hydraulics, or manual labor might be used to lift the weight. When the weight gets to its highest point, it is then released so it can smash into the pole and drive it into the ground.

Just one wrong move of the pile driver can lead to serious injuries or even death for those who are working with it.

Worker's Compensation for Being Injured by a Pile Driver

Injuries Sustained from a Pile Driver

Because of the weight and heavy-duty nature of a pile driver, injuries can be very serious in nature. Death can even result. The impact of being knocked down cause spinal injuries or traumatic brain injuries. Loss of vision and loss of hearing can even result from any head trauma that is suffered.

Injuries can be life-altering and impact your future significantly. Here are a few of the injuries that could result from an accident involving a pile driver while at work:

  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Brain trauma
  • Loss of vision
  • Loss of hearing
  • Crushed bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Broken bones

Any of these injuries can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical expenses. The medical benefits portion of the workers' compensation coverage can help immensely by covering those costs.

You might be unable to work for quite some time, and the partial pay offered through workers' compensation can be helpful. Consult with a lawyer before filing a workers' comp claim.

Consult With a Workers' Compensation Attorney

If you have been injured while working, you should consult with a workers' compensation attorney. A workers' compensation attorney can file a workers' compensation claim on your behalf and help you get your benefits started.

Your lawyer will know the severity of your injuries and will be able to determine which benefits you are able to receive. Your attorney will also know how much your injury can be worth, so you should receive so he or she can make sure you are being properly paid for your injuries.

Call a workers' compensation attorney to schedule your free case evaluation today.