Workers' Compensation Benefits if Injured By a Pallet Jack

Being injured on the job is more common than you might think. There are thousands of workers from all different industries who suffer work-related injuries and illnesses each year. If you were hurt on the job while operating a pallet jack, you should be eligible to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits.

While regulations vary from state to state, most employers are required to maintain workers' compensation coverage for their workers. Workers' compensation coverage includes medical benefits, and it also covers a portion of your lost wages.

What is a Pallet Jack?

Pallet jacks, which are sometimes called pallet trucks, are used for lifting and moving pallets of merchandise.

Pallet jacks can be considered the most basic kind of forklift because of their ability to move lightweight or even heavy pallets within a warehouse or storeroom setting. Pallet jacks have the capacity to lift and move several thousand pounds of merchandise.

As an example, a heavy duty pallet jack can lift as much as 11,000 pounds. Although pallet jacks are operated by hand and pushed manually by the workers, they can lead to serious injuries. Just pushing and moving the pallet jack can lead to back injuries, muscle sprains and strains, and tendonitis.

Injuries Suffered While Operating a Pallet Jack

There are a variety of ways one can be injured while operating a pallet jack at work. The pallet jack can run over a worker's foot or the worker can trip and be run over by the piece of equipment. The pallet jack is heavy and can cause serious damage. The strain and repetitive movements from using the pallet jack can also be hard on the body as well.

Worker's Compensation for Being Injured by a Pallet Jack

Here are a few of the different kinds of injuries that can result from operating a pallet jack:

Any of these injuries can require ongoing medical care including physical therapy and physical rehabilitation. In some instances, surgical procedures and hospitalization might be required, which means that the medical expenses will add up fast.

You would not be able to work throughout the treatment and recovery process, so a workers' compensation claim can help you take care of your medical expenses and living expenses while you recover.

Filing a workers' compensation claim can help you through a challenging time in your life and get you back on track. Consult with a workers' compensation attorney about filing a claim.

Consult With a Workers' Compensation Attorney

If you have been injured while on the job, you have suffered a variety of losses and expenses. You should consult with a workers' compensation attorney before doing anything else. Your attorney can file your workers' compensation claim and will work on getting you the benefits that you deserve.

If your claim is denied or your benefits stop, your lawyer will make sure you are treated fairly and will work to get benefits started or resumed as necessary.

There is no upfront expense to hire a workers' compensation attorney because they work on a contingency basis. Schedule your free consultation with a workers' compensation attorney today so you can get your claim filed and your benefits started.