Hurt After Frozen Pipe Burst At Home Depot*

Home Depot is an American home improvement supplies retailer. The chain was founded in 1978 and sells tools, construction products, and various services. The chain has grown to have more than 413,000 employees, making it the fifth largest private employer in the country.

Home Depot must maintain workers’ compensation coverage to protect its workers in the event of a workplace accident that results in injuries or you are diagnosed with a disease or illness caused by exposures at work to inhalants or toxins. If you suffer an injury working at Home Depot because a frozen pipe burst, you can pursue a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

Injuries That Might Result After A Frozen Pipe Burst At Home Depot

If a frozen pipe burst at Home Depot, you could suffer from various injuries. If a pipe bursts without being gently thawed, you could be cut by the broken pipe, or you could slip and fall breaking a bone because of the water that flows suddenly. If a pipe explodes, the flying ice and pipe can cause serious lacerations and injuries, including injuries to the eyes and face.

If you have been hurt after a frozen pipe burst at Home Depot, you should notify you supervisor or manager right away. You will need to establish medical care with a provider that is included in the Home Depot workers’ compensation network of workers’ comp providers. Failure to see an in-network provider could result in the loss of benefits and cause your claim to be denied.

Hurt After Frozen Pipe Burst At Home Depot*

Supporting Evidence After A Frozen Pipe Burst At Home Depot

You will need to jot down notes so you can recall the details about what you were doing, how the incident occurred, and the specifics of your injuries. Home Depot will need to file an accident report, and you must give a statement detailing your injuries so it can be included in the report. Also, take note of any witnesses. Corroborating statements from any witnesses can be beneficial, so be sure to notice if there are any witnesses – both coworkers and customers.

Keep copies of any medical records, medical bills, prescription receipts, and make copies of any doctor notes. You will need to maintain thorough documentation to support your claim and to prove that your injuries resulted from the frozen pipe bursting at Home Depot while you were working. State laws regarding the pursuit of workers’ compensation benefits do vary with strict timelines applying.

Consult With A Personal Injury Attorney

If you were hurt after a frozen pipe burst at Home Depot while you were working, consult with a workers’ compensation attorney. With the help of a lawyer, your odds of a successful claim increase. Workers’ compensation attorneys work on a contingency basis, so you have nothing at all to lose. Your lawyer will not be paid until you get a workers’ compensation settlement. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form to have your case details reviewed today.

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Home Depot, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.