Who is Covered Under Publix’s Workers’ Compensation?*

Almost all states throughout the country demand that businesses and other organizations carry workers’ comp. insurance for their employees. It pays for any medical expenses that are related to the workplace injury as well as paying for part of the salary lost due to the inability to work.

The same rules apply to workers who work for Publix Super Markets, which is a grocery stores chain with its headquarters in Lakeland, Florida. Around 179,000 employees are employed by the company in a variety of occupations such as cashiers, warehouse workers, stockers, and management professionals. Most of the time their workplace is safe, but accidents do happen and WC is usually available to cover the injured worker.

Who is Covered Under Publix’s Workers’ Compensation?

No workers at Publix are left out of the company’s workers’ compensation coverage. Full time and part time workers are eligible for workers’ compensation as long as the injury took place while at work. Even if you caused the accident or are partly to blame for it you may still be eligible for workers’ comp. WC insurance is based on no fault which means if you were partly to blame for your injury you may still be eligible for workers’ compensation through Publix’s insurer.

Who is Covered Under Publix’s Workers’ Compensation?*

Who is not Covered Under Publix’s Workers’ Compensation?

There are a few people who are not eligible for workers’ compensation, such as contract workers who come from outside to carry out a job and volunteer workers. If a contract worker does a plumbing job for Publix s/he is not covered under workers’ comp. if an accident takes place on Publix’s premises. However, s/he may still be eligible under their business’s own WC insurance scheme.

Sometimes Publix’s workers’ comp. insurer will refuse a claim if it thinks that the injury or sickness had nothing to do with the workplace and happened somewhere else. The insurer will certainly refuse a WC claim if the injury took place on the way to work. The only time workers can claim workers’ compensation when they are off the job is if the work they are doing is paid by Publix.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ compensation claims can become quite complex, so if you have been injured while on a job at Publix you will find your claim is far more straightforward if you discuss your situation with a workers’ comp. lawyer. S/he knows that Publix’s WC insurer will try and deny a claim if they can but this is far less likely if you have a workers’ comp. lawyer working on your behalf.

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