Workers' Compensation by Labor Union

If you have been injured while working and you're part of a labor union, you may still need to hire a workers' compensation attorney. Labor unions protect your rights and help benefit members of your profession, but you will not likely have an attorney at your disposal within your union. If you are filling a workers' comp claim, you should speak with an attorney in your area immediately.

How Labor Unions Assist the Filing Process

Labor unions are created to protect your rights as an employee. It's likely that if you're hurt on the job, a labor union will recommend filling for workers' compensation benefits. In fact, employers usually pay less for workers' comp insurance if their employees are part of a union. This could mean that it's easier for you to successfully file a claim if you're a part of a union.

Another benefit of applying for workers' comp when you're part of a union is that you shouldn't fear repercussion when filing your claim. Labor unions have protections for employees who file for workers' compensation, meaning you may have far less of a chance of being fired after an injury.

Filing for workers' comp will vary depending on your industry, the assistance you receive from your union, and your injuries. Here is a little more information on filing a workers' comp claim by labor union:

Workers' Comp Unions