I Was Paralyzed While Working. Can I Get Workers' Comp?

Paralysis is an extremely serious injury that can occur on the job. It can be partial paralysis involving only one limb or a hand or it can be much more serious involving your entire body and confining you to a wheelchair.

Paralysis can even inhibit a person’s ability to breathe in their own or feed themselves.

In addition to limiting your ability to work, you may also need extremely costly medical care, equipment, and may even need modifications made to your house.

If you can’t work, how will you pay for all of these items? If you are paralyzed because of an on-the-job accident, you should consider filing a workers’ compensation claim.

What You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that states require most employers to carry by law.

There is no charge to employees who are hurt on the job and need to use it. If you’re paralyzed on the job, workers’ compensation may provide you with assistance with your medical expenses, treatment, medical devices, therapy, and may also provide you with a portion of your lost wages if you are unable to work.

To receive help, you must first file a workers’ compensation claim through your employer.

Although there are more benefits than the ones listed above, you should understand that the benefits you will qualify to receive may vary depending upon your specific situation.

Paralysis Worker's Comp Lawyer

Paralysis: A Serious on the Job Injury

Paralysis is an extremely serious and often permanent injury. It can occur when there is an injury to the spinal cord and nerves. You may lose the function of a hand or a foot. You may no longer be able to walk.

You may have quadriplegia and no longer be able to use your arms or legs. It is a life-altering condition.

The most common workers at risk of becoming paralyzed on the job include:

  1. Construction Workers: Working from great heights such as a roof or on top of a building and falling can cause you to break your neck or back. Being crushed by heavy equipment or machinery can cause you to damage your spinal column.
  2. Roofers and electricians: Roofers and electricians often work from high locations. For roofers, being on top of a house or a commercial building has a lot of risks. Electricians may be working from a ladder or even on a power pole. Falling from these heights can cause permanent paralysis.
  3. Drivers: If you drive on behalf of your employer, you’re at risk of being involved in a serious automobile accident. A serious accident can damage your spinal cord and leave you permanently paralyzed.

Paralysis is a medical emergency. Get medical help right away if you are injured on the job and cannot feel your extremities or move.

Consider a Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you are the victim of an on the job injury that left you paralyzed, you should consider filing a workers’ compensation claim. You may need a wheelchair, physical therapy, surgery, and medications. You may need nursing care.

You deserve help with your expenses. The only way you may be compensated is if you file a claim.

Protect Your Legal Rights

If you’re hurt on the job, you should call a workers’ compensation lawyer to learn about your legal rights. An attorney can help answer your questions and help protect your legal rights.