Fast Food Prep and Workers' Compensation

Worker’s compensation is a form of insurance that is required by law for most employers to carry. The goal of this insurance is to provide money for people who are injured on the job in some way. Generally, it covers medical expenses, prescriptions, and can also cover at least a percentage of your lost wages. It often does not matter what you were doing on the job at the time of injury. Worker’s compensation may cover it.

If you’ve been injured at work, you should speak with an experienced worker’s compensation attorney to ensure that you are treated in a fair manner by your employer and by the insurance company.

Fast Food Workers Have Special Work Place Risks

If you are a fast food worker, then you know just how hard you really work for what is generally a low hourly wage. You have to rush around between the cash register and the back preparing and retrieving food.

You have to wear special shoes that are designed to protect you from slipping and falling because of grease on the floor. Then? There’s cleaning the dining area, the parking lot, and the bathrooms.

You may even hurt your back carrying heavy containers of frozen food in and out of the upright freezer. You can probably think of ways on your own that show the dangers of being a fast food worker.

When Is a Company Liable?

As mentioned earlier, most companies are required to carry worker’s comp insurance. It’s important for you to know that each state determines the size of the business that must carry worker’s compensation insurance. There are two options for a company to carry worker’s compensation. They can either buy their insurance from a commercial insurance agency or they can self-insure.

If you are injured at work, there’s a good chance that you are eligible to receive worker’s compensation. The first thing that you must do is report the accident to your supervisor (or the manager in charge). You could also report this to your Human Resources representative. It doesn’t matter if you feel like you weren’t injured. Sometimes, we don’t always know until the adrenaline wears off.

You should also see a doctor. If needed, go to the emergency room. Find out if your employer chooses the doctor for worker’s comp claims or if you can pick your own. Some worker’s comp policies will recommend a doctor that will not charge you for the visit.

McDonald’s Investigated by OSHA

OSHA is the governmental agency that oversees the safety of workers in the work place. McDonald’s has been investigated by OSHA multiple times. According to the Chicago Tribune, in March of 2015, employees of 19 McDonald’s locations across the nation requested that OSHA investigate them again. Primarily, the complaints talked about dangers in the work place. For instance, one complaint from a worker in New Orleans cited poor training that resulted in burns while filtering the oil. Another employee in a separate location filed a complaint alleging burns when handling the cookie trays.

An employee in Chicago filed a complaint about slipping and falling on the floor because she was being rushed. To add to this, she burned her arm on the grill. She alleges that she now suffers from nerve damage and that her manager simply told her to put mustard on her burn.

Protect Your Legal Rights

If you’ve been injured at work in any way, you should speak with an experienced worker’s compensation attorney. Don’t trust your fast food employer to treat you fairly and take care of your bills. Don’t trust their insurance company. Make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve and that your best interest is protected. Contact a worker’s comp attorney today!