Common Accident Scenarios | Exposure To Harmful Substances

When you show up in the workplace you have an expectation to work in a safe environment, but workplace injuries are commonplace and they happen everyday. When an employee is injured on the job, he or she has a right to file a claim for workers’ compensation. In order to file a claim, though, specific action must be taken.

You don’t have to work in a chemical factory to be exposed to a dangerous or harmful substance in the workplace. You could be injured when a bottle of carpet cleaner falls from a shelf and splashes on you. You could have an allergic reaction to fumes from chemicals being used in your workplace.

If you have been injured due to exposure to harmful substances in the workplace, then you might be able to file a workers’ comp claim.

Common Injuries That Occur Because of Exposure to Harmful Substances

Harmful substances can be anything from janitorial supplies, bathroom cleaner, art supplies, supplies for a science class, hospital equipment or anything else that causes injury.

Exposure to harmful substances is dangerous. It could be that you’re breathing in toxic fumes from a gas leak or an improperly mixed cleaning supply, or you could be allergic to the carpet cleaning chemicals and over time they are causing you harm. You could get harsh cleaners on your skin because they weren’t rinsed from the countertops in the company bathrooms.

There is no end to how you might be exposed to harmful substances, but if it happens you need to take action.

What To Do If You Have Been Exposed To Harmful Substances At Work

The first thing you need to do if you have been exposed to a harmful substance is to report it to your supervisor or to human resources. If you don’t report it, then you cannot file a workers’ comp claim.

You also need to see your doctor. Even if you think it is not a major injury, if you were injured on the job then having a medical professional certify your injury will help support your claim.

If there were any witnesses to the accident, get their statements. Take pictures of where the accident occurred and get copies of security footage if it is available.The more evidence you can present, the stronger your claim will be.

Common Accident Scenarios | Exposure To Harmful Substances

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If you have been injured due to exposure to a harmful substance, then you can file a workers’ comp claim. To file, you must have reported the injury to a supervisor or human resources.

Filing a workers’ comp claim can be stressful. You must file a lot of paperwork and gather evidence to support the claim, and it can be an intimidating process. It can be helpful to have an experienced workers’ comp attorney working on your behalf to help you navigate the complicated process by gathering evidence, talking to insurance companies and HR and helping you to file your claim.

Working with a workers’ comp attorney does not guarantee that you will win your claim, but it can greatly help improve the chances of a successful outcome. Many workers’ comp attorneys work on a contingency basis so there are no fees required upfront and you only pay if you win your case.

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