Denied Workers’ Compensation at McDonald’s?*

McDonald’s maintains workers’ compensation coverage for its employees as required by law. While the state laws regarding workers’ compensation vary from one state to another, the coverage is standard with workers’ compensation offering medical benefits to cover the costs of any medical care and covering about two-thirds of your regular salary while you are unable to work because of the workplace injury or illness.

If you suffer an injury while working, you will need to notify a manager so an accident report will be filled out. Seek medical care from a provider on the approved list of McDonald’s workers’ compensation medical providers for your area and be sure to maintain copies of medical records and physician notes and adhere to doctor’s orders.

McDonald’s – The Company

McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant chain that was established in 1940 in San Bernardino, California. It was redone as a hamburger stand and the company was turned into a franchise, introducing the logo of the Golden Arches in 1953 in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 2018, company headquarters have been in Chicago, Illinois.

The chain has grown to have 37,855 restaurants as of 2018. With an annual revenue of $21.025 billion, the company had grown to have more than 210,000 employees around the world by 2018. McDonald’s has employees working in dozens of different job roles, and each of those roles does have its own risks despite safety protocol and the training that is place.

The Statute of Limitations

Every state has its own workers’ compensation laws, and those laws indicate the statute of limitations for pursuing a claim and when documents must be filed for a workers’ compensation claim against McDonald’s. Failing to properly file documentation or abide by pre-set rules and protocol could lead to your claim being denied and your inability to claim workers’ compensation benefits.

Filing a McDonald’s workers’ compensation claim can be a challenge, so to make sure you follow the book, you will need to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney. With the help of a lawyer, the odds of a successful claim are much greater. Keep thorough records and document everything, so you can prove your injuries are work-related and you can show the extent of your care as well as the restrictions and limitations established by your caregivers.

Denied Workers’ Compensation at McDonald’s?

Consult With A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you suffered an injury in a workplace accident at McDonald’s, you should consult with a workers’ compensation attorney who is licensed in your state. With the help of a lawyer, your odds of a successful McDonald’s workers’ compensation claim increase significantly. Workers’ compensation lawyers take such claims on a contingency basis, so you will not have to pay anything out-of-pocket. Get your free case review today because time is of the essence. If you wait too late, you will not be able to access workers’ compensation benefits.

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*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against McDonald’s or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.