Hurt Working At Miller’s Ale House*

Boasting 100 locations in more than 10 states, Miller’s Ale House has become a thriving enterprise since the first location opened in Florida in 1988. Perhaps you currently work at a Miller’s Ale House location.

Such a job might not seem particularly dangerous. However, accidents can occur in any workplace.

If you’ve been injured on-the-job at Miller’s Ale House, you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. This guide will explain what to do in the immediate aftermath of a workplace accident to improve your chances of securing the compensation you may deserve.

Hurt Working At Miller's Ale House

What To Do If You Were Injured Working At Miller’s Ale house

The potential ways an employee of Miller’s Ale House could sustain injuries in a workplace accident are wide-ranging. Consider the following examples:

    ● You hurt yourself slipping on a spill or tripping over an item on the floor
    ● You’re injured while using kitchen equipment
    ● You’re involved in a slip-and-fall or other such accident in the outdoor sections of the property

You don’t even necessarily need to be on the premises to be involved in a work-related accident. For example, perhaps you’re an employee of Miller’s Ale House and you’re driving to make a delivery. An accident that occurs while you’re on the road might qualify as a workplace accident in these circumstances.

Steps to take immediately after a workplace accident include the following:

Tend to Your Injuries

Move slowly after an accident to ensure you don’t aggravate any injuries you’ve sustained. Thoroughly check yourself for signs of harm and tend to any injuries that require immediate attention.

Report the Accident

Find or call your supervisor or the nearest equivalent on the premises. Formally report your accident to them. Explain what happened and who witnessed the accident, but refrain from making any statements suggesting you caused it due to horseplay, intoxication, etc.

Document the Scene

Take pictures and/or video(s) of the scene of the accident to document the conditions. You may also take pictures of any visual signs of your injuries.

Get Witness Statements

Your coworkers who witnessed the accident may be willing to give statements regarding what they saw. The sooner you get their statements, the more accurate their recollections are likely to be.

Other potential witnesses may include customers. Get their names and contact information as well.

Seek Medical Attention

Don’t assume you can skip going to the doctor just because you don’t believe you’ve been seriously injured. Regardless of how you feel after a workplace accident, you should always seek medical care that day.

Adrenaline can prevent you from noticing the signs of an injury. Be cautious and allow a doctor to confirm you’re unharmed. If you have sustained injuries, seeing a doctor the day of your accident will help establish a link between your accident and your injuries, helping you pursue compensation later.

Get Help With Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

You may seek compensation for your medical bills and similar economic losses resulting from a workplace accident by filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. When you do, it’s important to understand that your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider may attempt to deny your claim.

This is one of many reasons to strongly consider enlisting a lawyer’s help. Their representation could play a critical role in the outcome of your case. Get started today by taking the Free Case Evaluation on this page to get connected and speak with a workers’ comp lawyer who can help—at zero cost to you.

*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Miller’s Ale House, or another party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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