Navigating the Workers' Compensation Timeline

It is important that you work quickly when filing a workers’ compensation claim. Like most legal issues, there is a limited time frame in which you are able to submit a claim. The amount of time you have to file the claim can vary depending on the injury, but it would be unfortunate to miss out on the compensation you deserve because it took too long.

There is also the potential for your claim to be denied. In this case you may need to take the case to trial and even appeal court before you are able to start receiving compensation.

How an Attorney Can Help

Clearly, if you reach the point where the claim goes to court it would be beneficial to have an attorney. However, even before you get to that point, consulting an attorney will be helpful. They will be able to streamline the process and ensure that you have all of the proper documentation for a successful claim.

More Specific Questions About Your Workers’ Compensation Timeline:

Your attorney will be able to answer any additional questions you have along the way. For now, here are some FAQs about the timeline of a workers’ compensation claim: