I Got Hurt Working Off-Site For Lowe’s. Can I File a Claim?*

If you work for a major employer like Lowe’s and are injured while at work, you should be able to claim workers’ compensation as nearly every state in the U.S. makes this a mandatory requirement. Workers’ compensation is a basic compensation payment which is provided by your employer’s no-fault insurance cover with an insurer. It should cover the cost of medical treatment and a percentage of lost earnings.

Workers comp. should cover you on or off-site as long as you were working on behalf of your employer at the time of the accident. An off-site injury may be harder to claim for simply because there may be fewer witnesses to the accident. Contact a workers’ comp. attorney if you are worried about your claim.

Company Profile: Lowe’s

Lowe’s is one of North America’s largest corporate employers with around 300,000 workers. The company is a major home improvement chain with 2,400 stores and warehouses located all over the U.S. as well as neighboring Canada.

Most Lowe’s employees work in either one of the mega stores or in an associated warehouse, but there are also many people employed in the various distribution centers and Lowe’s drivers are engaged in delivering goods all over the country. These drivers face every day risks off-site working for Lowe’s.

Typical Off-Site Accidents at Lowe’s

Most off-site accidents involve Lowe’s delivery drivers, as they are required to travel long distances between distribution centers and the many more stores located within the reach of the nearest distribution center.

These delivery drivers face the same kinds of traffic hazards as any other road user. Even if they are not to blame for a crash, they may still be hospitalized and require significant medical care. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault type of insurance, so even if the driver was at fault, he or she should still be entitled to compensation as long as the accident happened while at work.


Filing a Workers’ Comp. Claim After an Off-site Accident at Lowe’s

Workers’ compensation rules are determined by each state, so it is important for any injured Lowe’s worker to understand what the rules are and how they affect them if considering filing a claim.

All states require the injury to be officially recorded within a specific time frame. If this doesn’t happen, it is easier for the company’s insurer to deny a claim. There is also a specific time limit for any compensation claim to be filed, and this is called the state’s statute of limitations.

Apart from these restrictions, it is important to have sufficient evidence that the injury being claimed for happened while at work. As noted before, this is particularly important if the injury happened off-site. Eyewitness statements of the accident and a police report can be very useful evidence to accompany a claim. It is important to have other documentation as well. A medical report, evidence of any bills for medical treatment, and any other associated costs should be added to the claim.

A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help You with Your Claim

Off-site injuries while working for Lowe’s should be treated exactly the same way as any other workplace injury, but insurers are not always keen on making payments quickly. A common stumbling block arises when the insurer doubts that the off-site accident happened while working for the employer. A workers’ compensation attorney may be able to help with such claims, providing valuable advice on the submission of evidence and help with an appeal if the claim is actually denied.

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The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Lowe’s, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.