Can I File for Amazon* Workers’ Compensation for Frostbite?

Amazon is a multinational company that focuses on cloud computing, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. The company is based in Seattle, Washington. By revenue, Amazon is the world’s largest internet company. It has more than 613,000 employees in different roles.

As a large employer, Amazon is required to maintain workers’ compensation coverage to protect itself and its workers in the event of an accident while on the job. All workplace injuries are covered, including frostbite.

If you have suffered frostbite while working at Amazon, you can pursue a workers’ compensation claim.

The Connection Showing Frostbite Was Related To Your Amazon Duties

To have a workers’ compensation claim approved, you must show that there is a direction connection from your job to your condition.

For example, if you are an executive for Amazon who works in the office, you aren’t going to be able to have success with a frostbite claim because it didn’t happen on the job.

However, if you work outdoors, then getting frostbite while working in colder weather is a real possibility.

If you were working outside on an Internet project, such as laying cable, and you suffered frostbite, you would be entitled to workers’ compensation from Amazon. You will need to notify your employer of the condition and seek medical care right away.

Workers’ compensation offers medical benefits, which cover the cost of your medical care for the frostbite, and if your condition is severe and you must miss work, you will receive a portion of your regular pay.

Amazon Workers’ Compensation Benefits

States set their own laws regarding workers’ compensation, so the timelines and deadlines vary. The benefits are rather consistent.

You will have access to medical benefits, which cover any medical care, such as specialist visits, prescriptions, wound care, and therapy. The other benefits will pay about two-thirds of your regular salary while you are recovering.

There are deadlines and statutes of limitations that apply to workers’ compensation claims against Amazon for frostbite and other conditions.

If you miss a deadline, or if you fail to file your claim on time, you could lose access to the benefits that you need during this challenging time after suffering frostbite.

Can I File for Amazon* Workers’ Compensation for Frostbite?

It will take a while to recover from frostbite and you will need extensive medical care, so enlist the help of a workers’ compensation attorney for your claim against Amazon.

Consult With A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you suffered frostbite while performing duties as a member of the technology team at Amazon, talk with a local workers’ compensation lawyer who is familiar with state and local laws.

With a workers’ compensation attorney representing you, the odds of a successful workers’ comp claim improve.

Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form to have the details of your claim reviewed by a workplace injury attorney in your area.

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Amazon, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.