Can I Be Fired For Filing an Amazon* Workers’ Comp. Claim?

Amazon is a well known online store which employs workers 24/7 to pack and dispatch goods to customers as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean the warehouse is safe all the time. It only takes a carton being left in the wrong place and a worker could trip over and be injured. If this has happened to you it’s important to take time off from work to recover and get proper medical treatment. You should be covered by Amazon’s workers’ compensation insurance.

However, sometimes Amazon may hope you don’t make a point of pursuing the workers’ comp. Your employer can’t fire you just because of your workers’ compensation claim. To ensure you are going to be treated the way you would expect when injured as an Amazon worker, you should seek advice from a workers’ comp. attorney who will help to ensure you get the workers’ comp. you deserve and you don’t get fired from your job for doing so.

You Can’t Be Fired For Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

One of the reasons so many people often do not file workers’ compensation claims is because they are afraid of losing their jobs. To ensure they don’t pay for medical treatment they use their health insurance instead and cover their time off work by using up sick days they are entitled to.

However, most physicians’ know if injuries are work related and will automatically send the bill to your employer's workers' comp insurance provider. You will then have to go through the process of filing a workers’ comp. claim.

You may be concerned that you may lose your job but you should know that you can’t be fired just because you have filed an application for workers’ compensation. If your employer by coincidence decided to fire you, proof has to be shown that it’s nothing to do with your workers’ comp claim.

When Can You Be Fired From Your Job?

Most employees are under what’s called “at will” employment, which means that the employer has the power to terminate an employer for any reason, or even for no reason. The employer can make up any reason for terminating, ranging from poor performance to restructuring the company. However, you can’t lose your job just because you have filed a workers’ comp. claim.

Can I Be Fired For Filing an Amazon* Workers’ Comp. Claim?

Retaliatory Termination Is Illegal For a Workers Comp. Claim

It is illegal for your employer to retaliate and terminate your employment because you have reported a workplace injury or you have filed a workers’ compensation claim. It is uncommon for an employer like Amazon to make a mistake by telling an employee that he or she has been fired because of a workers’ compensation claim.

Most employers are fully aware that this can lead to an employment discrimination lawsuit. If Amazon terminates your employment and you have the firm belief that it’s because of your workers’ compensation claim, you should gather sufficient evidence to back up your suspicion before considering a lawsuit.

Talk to an Attorney

An attorney can help you properly file a workers’ compensation claim if you were injured at Amazon. An attorney will help you gather evidence, file the claim and ensure you receive proper treatment from Amazon while filing the claim. Complete the Free Evaluation on this page to have your case reviewed by an attorney.

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Amazon, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.