What is a Vehicle-Related FedEx* Accident Claim Worth?

Delivery drivers cannot rule out the possibility that they could be involved in an accident while at work. Vehicle accidents can result in serious and sometimes long lasting injuries. As long as you were working at the time of the accident on behalf of your employer, you should be entitled to workers’ compensation.

You will need to file a claim to cover the cost of your workplace related injuries. A successful workers’ comp. claim can help pay for medical treatment and compensation for any permanent disability, but not all of any lost earnings. A workers’ comp. attorney can provide helpful legal advice, especially if your claim is denied.

FedEx Vehicle Accidents

FedEx is in the business of carrying parcels and packages all over the world. Many U.S. deliveries are performed by FedEx trucks that are seen everywhere on U.S. highways. A good portion of the 300,000 employees employed by FedEx are delivery truck drivers and freight handlers.

FedEx vehicle accidents happen both at the distribution center and on the highway, and they may not be predictable as they could be due to being hit by another road user, poor road or weather conditions, or a defect in the delivery truck itself. Some accidents happen right inside a distribution center, and you may be injured by a FedEx truck even if you were not a driver. Workers’ compensation claims are not dependent on proving who or what was at fault.

What is a workers' comp vehicle-related FedEx accident worth?

How Much is a WC Claim Worth?

Workers’ compensation claims and the amount of permissible compensation vary from state to state. Your workers’ comp. attorney can help you determine what your claim may be worth. Generally, workers’ comp. claims are limited to economic damages, principally the cost of medical treatment, a percentage of lost earnings, and a payment for more permanent disability.

The payment for medical treatment is normally straightforward. Basically, whatever you have had to pay for treatment that is directly related to your work related injuries will be covered. You may need to be examined and treated by a FedEx-authorized physician and medical provider. If you decide to use another physician or medical provider of your own choice, you may not receive compensation.

The payment for lost earnings is usually a calculated percentage of the full amount. It may start a few days after your injury. Very few states allow full earnings payments, and as a rule of thumb the average is about two thirds of what you might have earned normally in the time you were unavailable for work. You will only be paid if it can be shown that the time off work was related to the injury you received while working as a FedEx employee.

How a WC Attorney Can Help

You may find that a workers’ comp. attorney will be able to assist you before you submit your WC claim and ensure you don’t waste valuable time and money later on. If your claim is denied for any reason, you will find that the appeals process can prove to be long and difficult if you don’t have appropriate and effective legal help.

*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against FedEx, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.