After Filing for Workers' Compensation

For many people who have gone through the workers’ compensation process, this part can be difficult because it is now out of your hands. You may find yourself just waiting on a decision, but still full of questions.

How an Attorney Can Help

An attorney can make sure the time you spend waiting on the decision is used productively by letting you know what to expect and helping you prepare for the next step.

  • What to expect – There is no “one size fits all” answer for your expected compensation. The amount and coverage will vary based on factors that include your state, your salary, and the type of injury and treatment required. An experienced attorney can help you plan for the future taking into consideration the variables that go into calculating your compensation.
  • What to do next – In some cases, the claim is either denied or the compensation is lower than expected. It may be necessary for you to make an appeal. While you are awaiting that decision, your attorney can make sure you have everything required to win your appeal.

More Specific Questions About What to do After You Have Filed for Workers’ Compensation

The legal process can be a confusing one and more questions will arise as you go through it. Your attorney will be able to answer all of those questions, but for now here are some FAQs regarding your job status, compensation and the next steps after filing: