What Evidence Do I Need for My Case Against Pepsico?*

Workers frequently encounter accidents at Pepsico. These often take place because there are not enough workers hired to do all the different jobs so workers are frequently rushing around emptying trash cans, taking orders and filling up coffee cups. Many of the potential accidents could be avoided.

If you are a Pepsico worker and you have been injured in an accident, you should be entitled to workers’ compensation. This should cover your medical treatment and two thirds of your weekly wage until you can return to work. Before you can file a claim you must provide strong evidence to back up your claim so that the insurer can approve your request and start the payments as soon as possible.

Accidents at Pepsico

There are a variety of job positions at Pepsico, each of which encounters conditions for different types of accidents.

  • a worker in the bottling facility could be injured by poorly maintained equipment, could slip and fall on a hard surface or even suffer from repetitive stress injuries from taking part in the same movements every day for years;
  • a maintenance worker could suffer an electrical injury when repairing poor quality electrical equipment;
  • a delivery driver could be injured while moving boxes of Pepsi goods into a retailer’s premise or even be involved in a traffic accident;
  • office workers employed by Pepsico are most likely to suffer from repetitive stress caused by injuries to wrists and hands.

What Evidence Do I Need for My Case Against Pepsico?*

Evidence You Should Collect for a WC Claim

Good, sound evidence is the key to winning a successful WC claim. Pepsico’s WC insurer will not even consider a claim if there is any doubt that the accident did not happen at work. You will need the following evidence at least:

  • statements written by eyewitnesses;
  • up to date medical records provided by your physician with details of your injuries;
  • any medical treatment bills either paid or unpaid;
  • photographic evidence provided by you, your eye witnesses or from Pepsico’s security cameras;
  • evidence showing you were handling a faulty piece of equipment when the injury took place;
  • a police report if you had an accident while driving a Pepsico delivery vehicle.

This evidence will be forwarded to Pepsico’s workers’ compensation insurer who will determine if your WC claim is eligible to be approved. To ensure you get the approval as quickly as possible it is a good idea to get a WC lawyer to work on your behalf.

How a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Can Help With your WC Claim

The majority of Pepsico workers who need to take work off due to an accident will want to ensure they have money coming in from WC as soon as possible. A WC lawyer will work hard to ensure your claim is accepted as soon as possible so you can get on with recovering without having to worry about being confronted with financial hardship.

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Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Pepsico, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.