Injured While Working for UPS?*

Workers’ compensation is a specific type of insurance that offers benefits to individuals who are hurt while on the job. As an employee, you may be eligible for these benefits if you are involved in a workplace accident or exposed to a working condition that makes you sick.

Often, work-related injuries can require expensive medical treatment and may even prevent you from going to work. You should not be held financially responsible for any accidents that happened while on the clock.

Workers’ compensation policies are in place to help injured workers recover physically and financially. The benefits you may receive will help you pay for your medical treatment and cover your lost wages. If you were permanently partially disabled in your accident, you may be able to receive additional compensation.

UPS Worker's Compensation></p>
<p><h2>UPS Workplace Hazards</h2>
On an average day, UPS handles nearly 16 million packages weighing up to 150 pounds each. If you are a package handler or driver, this can amount to a lot of repetitive lifting of heavy boxes during your shift.<br />
Repeat lifting of large and heavy packages can lead to injuries like:
<li>Joint damage (especially to knees, shoulders, and elbows)
<li>Back pulls and strains
<li>Carpal tunnel syndrome
<li>Muscle sprains
If you’re a UPS truck driver or driver’s assistant, you face additional work dangers. As you make your way along your route, you may be involved in a motor vehicle accident.
Common truck accident injuries include:
<li>Neck injury (whiplash)
<li>Broken bones
<li>Cuts requiring stitches
<li>Back injury
Whether you experience injuries while loading and unloading trucks, delivering packages or driving, <a href=as an employee of UPS, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to help you pay for medical bills and recover any lost wages.

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UPS Workers’ Compensation Policies

Almost all companies must have some kind of workers’ compensation plan in place for when workers are injured on the job. For large corporations, like UPS, these policies are required by the states they operate in.

Although specific workers’ compensation laws differ from state to state, they all ensure workers receive benefits that help them recover from a work-related accident. Even minor injuries or accidents that may have been partially your fault can qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

UPS Workers’ Compensation Claims

According to, in 2010, a California UPS driver was injured while placing several heavy boxes onto a hand truck for delivery. The overweight box was labeled as 40 pounds but actually weighed closer to 80 pounds. As he attempted to lift the box on his own, he injured his neck, shoulder and wrist.

The driver filed a workers’ compensation claim against UPS. He was eventually awarded benefits for the heavy-lifting injuries he received in this work-related accident that left him with permanent injuries.

Get the Workers’ Compensation Help You Deserve

Even if you have a legitimate workers’ compensation claim, filing for benefits isn’t always easy to do. UPS may require you to report your injury and file your claim within a very short period of time from when your accident occurred. If you miss this deadline, your claim may automatically be denied.

If you are not sure how to proceed with a claim against UPS, contact a workers’ compensation attorney for guidance. He or she can help you navigate the claims process and submit the proper paperwork and documentation needed to support your claim. If your claim is initially denied, an attorney can also help you file an appeal and fight to get you the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve under the law.

*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against UPS, you may not be entitled to any compensation.