I Got Hurt Working for Pilgrim's Pride. What Do I Do?*

Pilgrim’s Pride is the largest chicken producer in the United States. They provide a variety of job opportunities. There are many Pilgrim’s Pride employees who are injured during their job.

Some employees are not able to continue to work. Those employees lose wages that provide for their family. Many are left financially struggling to afford rent, utilities, and groceries.

Protection for Hurt Employees

Workers’ compensation is provided to employees at no cost. Many states legally require employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance.

Eligible employees unable to work due to injury may qualify to receive a portion of their lost wages. If you are hurt on the job, consider filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Workers’ compensation exists to protect workers. When you’re hurt on the job, you may wonder about fault.

With workers’ compensation, fault isn’t generally considered. So, if you’re hurt, don’t worry about whether you feel like you may have been able to keep the accident from happening.

Company Profile: Pilgrim’s Pride

Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation is a publicly traded company that processes poultry products. They have over 35,700 employees. They are headquartered in Greeley, Colorado.

Risks Faced by Employees of Pilgrim’s Pride

pilgrims pride workers' comp lawyer

There are a few different types of risks that Pilgrim’s Pride workers are exposed to on a day to day basis during their shift.

Generally, the risks that they face will depend on their job duties. This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of risks.

  • Electrocution: working with machinery and electrical wiring can cause burns both internally and externally, damage to organs, amputation of limbs, and death.
  • Cuts: working with sharp knives and saws can cause minor to severe cuts. In cases of high-powered saws, a lost appendage can be a risk. Death can result from blood loss, infection, and even from shock.
  • Slip and falls: Any spilled liquid like blood, chemicals, or water are a hazard. Injuries sustained from falls/slips can cause pulled muscle, broken bone, slipped disc, or even a closed head injury.
  • Repetitive motion injuries: Fast line speeds and constant repetition can cause short term and long term damage to joints and muscles. In some cases, it can cause carpal tunnel as determined in a recent study.
  • Heavy machinery: working with machinery with high pressure and moving parts can cause broken bones, loss of limbs, or even death.

Hurt on The Job at Pilgrim’s Pride?

Being hurt on the job at Pilgrim’s Pride can be really scary. You may not know what to do.

  1. First, you should tell your supervisor that you’ve been hurt, even if you had caused the accident. Your injury needs to be documented and whatever caused your injury needs to be addressed by your supervisor so that your coworkers are protected.
  2. If you have a medical emergency, such as a severe cut, call 911. A police officer will respond. They will complete a report that documents your accident. Make sure that you get the report number so that you may get a copy of the report at a later date.
  3. Consider filing a workers’ compensation claim. Speak with your manager or HR representative to find out how to get started. Ask how you can get free medical care for your on the job injury.
  4. Consider making an appointment to speak with a qualified workers’ compensation attorney.

Kathy Bennett V. Pilgrim’s Pride

In the case of Kathy Bennett v. Pilgrim’s Pride, Ms. Bennett fell from a lift truck. She sustained an injury to her lower back. Although she received workers’ compensation benefits for a period of time, they were later denied. She filed a claim against Pilgrim’s Pride to have her workers’ compensation reinstated. Bennett won her case, but Pilgrim’s Pride appealed the decision. Their appeal was denied and Ms. Bennett was awarded additional fees.

What we learn from this case is that representation by a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer can help to ensure your rights are protected.

*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Pilgrim's Pride, you may not be entitled to any compensation.