I Was Injured On The Job At Panera Bread. What Do I Do?*

You may be eligible to file a workers’ comp claim against Panera Bread if you were injured while working for the company. Workers' Comp is a special type of insurance that most employers in the U.S. have so they can protect their employees from losses incurred after being injured. It offers medical benefits and covers a portion of wages lost because of the work-related injury.

If you are hurt while working, you should notify your manager so an accident report can be completed. Make sure you give a detailed account of what occurred and make sure the manager is aware of any witnesses to the incident.

Workers’ compensation claims can be very complicated, so you should consult with a workers’ comp attorney before filing for Panera Bread workers’ comp benefits.

Company Profile: Panera Bread

Founded in Kirkwood, Missouri in 1987, Panera Bread now has 2,000 locations throughout the United States and Canada. Its headquarters are in Sunset Hills, Missouri. Panera Bread has been named North America’s healthiest fast casual restaurant by Health magazine.

Zagat has repeatedly named the restaurant as one of the most popular restaurants for eating on the go. It was also ranked first for its Best Health Option, Best Salad, and Best Facilities among restaurants with fewer than 5,000 locations.

The company has an annual revenue of $2.7 billion and employs 47,191 people including 23,821 who work at least 25 hours each week.

Panera Bread Workers Comp Attorney

Were You Injured While Working for Panera Bread?

If you work at Panera Bread, here are some hazards you might face:

  • While working in the kitchen, you suffered scalding burns to your face and arms. These are painful burns that require intensive medical care.
  • You were putting up stock in the storeroom when you fell backwards from a ladder and suffered a serious spinal injury. This will require ongoing care from specialists and may even lead to surgery.
  • You suffered deep cuts while working in the kitchen area and you were preparing vegetables. Because of these cuts, you are unable to return to work duties for a few weeks.

If you have been hurt while working, you should get medical care right away. If your injuries are serious, call for an ambulance to take you to the hospital.

Gathering Evidence for a Panera Bread Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workers’ compensation insurers need to see evidence that an injury that has been claimed for was a genuine workplace injury. They are unlikely to release compensation payments unless the evidence for a workplace injury is submitted satisfactorily.

It’s important to remember that workers’ compensation is not a fault based type of insurance, so it’s not necessary to prove that Panera Bread, as an employer, was negligent.

Most injuries that Panera Bread workers sustain could just have easily have happened somewhere else, such as in the home, so it’s easy to understand why an insurer needs proof that it happened while at work.

The best evidence you can get is to make sure your supervisor knows about the accident as soon as you can after it has taken place. Panera Bread outlets are typically quite small, so it’s easy to make sure that the manager records the accident as it happened.

That should include how it happened, where it happened, the type of injury and the date and time of the injury. You should also ask anyone working with you in the restaurant to make a statement confirming what happened and where and when it happened.

The other evidence that insurers will be looking for is proof of justification for the amount of money you have claimed for. This means that the paper trail from the time you see a doctor or hospital personnel right through to the time you have been given the all clear to return to work should be collected fastidiously. Doctor’s fee receipts, doctor’s reports, invoices or payment receipts for anything to do with your injuries should all be submitted with your claim.

How to File a Claim Against Panera Bread

Each state has an established procedure for filing a workers’ compensation claim. It’s important to know what the procedure is before filing a claim. Usually, a claim is filed with the employer’s insurer directly, but in some states the claim is filed with the state workers’ compensation board or equivalent body.

Each state determines the timetable for a workers’ compensation claim. Failure to keep to the timetable can mean that a claim may be denied. The first step is to ensure that the accident is recorded officially by the employer.

In a Panera Bread restaurant, this normally means ensuring that the manager of the place you were working records the details of the injury. This establishes the date of the injury for purposes of claiming lost earnings and helps to confirm that the injury was a genuine workplace related incident.

You will of course need to either see a doctor or be taken to a hospital for immediate treatment depending on the nature of the injury. Some insurers have preferred medical providers.

Unless the injury needs immediate emergency treatment, you will need to see a preferred doctor or attend a preferred medical facility if you are asked to so. In some cases, you may be able to choose your own providers or use your own providers after having your injury examined and assessed for further treatment by an insurer’s preferred doctor.

When treatment is completed and you have been given permission to return to work, that is the time to submit your WC claim. It’s a good idea to talk to a WC attorney well in advance to make sure you know what evidence to collect in terms of documentation and payment receipts.

Not all claims are accepted straight away and your claim may be denied for one reason or another. That’s when you really need to use an attorney to help you go through a legitimate appeal process.

Consult with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Before you file a workers’ comp claim against Panera Bread, you should consult with a workers’ comp attorney. An attorney will ensure your rights are protected and that throughout the claims process you are treated fairly.

Your attorney can file the claim, file any necessary appeals, and negotiate a settlement with the insurance adjuster.


The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Panera Bread, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.