I Got Hurt While Working at Panda Express. What Do I Do?*

You shouldn’t expect to get injured while working at Panda Express. But if you were, you might be able to file a Panda Express workers’ comp claim.

Most employers in the U.S. should have workers’ comp insurance coverage to protect their employees. This insurance, offered to workers at no additional charge, includes medical benefits coverage and reimburses for a portion of the workers’ lost wages that result from the work injury.

If you get hurt while working your Panda Express shift, you should tell your supervisor or manager right away. They must complete an accident report about your injury. Workers’ comp claims are very detailed and complex, so you should consult with a workers’ compensation attorney before you file a workers’ comp claim against Panda Express.

Company Profile: Panda Express

Panda Express is a fast-casual restaurant chain that offers American Chinese cuisine. Founded in Glendale, California in 1983, the chain has about 2,000 locations in the U.S. and six other countries. Panda Express locations can also be found in airports, strip malls, and college dining halls.

Its annual revenue is about $2 billion and the company has about 25,000 workers. A particular Panda Express location was once featured in Eater, an online food publication owned by Vox Media.

Panda Express Workers' Comp Lawyer

Were You Injured While Working at Panda Express?

If you work at Panda Express, here are some hypothetical ways you could be injured while working:

  • You experienced a bad slip and fall in the kitchen area that resulted in you breaking your wrist. You will wear a cast for about 8 weeks, so you won’t be working for two months, which could mean lost wages. A Panda Express workers’ comp claim might help you recoup your medical bills and some of your wages.
  • You were emptying the trash when you hurt your back. This back injury will require ongoing care and result in you being out of work for several weeks. Panda Express workers’ comp might help you as you recover from your injuries.
  • You are a cook, so you deal with preparing food all day. However, you accidentally suffer first-and second-degree burns. Your medical bills can add up fast, so you could consider filing a claim for Panda Express workers’ comp benefits because you need help during this challenging recovery period.

If you have suffered an injury while working your shift, you should get medical attention as quickly as possible. If the injury is serious, you should call 911 and ask for an ambulance to be dispatched to transport you.

How To File A Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you were injured while working at Panda Express, you will want to get your workers’ compensation claim underway in a timely manner.

You need to make sure you do everything that you can to preserve evidence and to gather supporting documentation to get your claim underway in a timely manner. There are strict deadlines, and if you miss a deadline, you will lose your chance to claim compensation and benefits.

The first step in the claims process is reporting the accident. You should be sure to notify a manager, supervisor, or human resources about the accident as soon as possible.

While state laws vary and you most likely have anywhere from 3 days to a year, you should let them know the day of the accident - if that is at all possible.

Your employer will complete an accident report, so be sure to have a very detailed statement regarding what happened and how it happened as well as specifics about how you were injured.

You should seek medical care right away. If you delay getting medical treatment, it can be difficult to prove that your injuries were caused by the workplace accident.

When you don’t seek same day treatment, your employer and the workers’ comp insurer will try to say that your injuries were caused by something else or took place before or after the workplace accident.

You will need to maintain supporting documentation, such as copies of medical bills and medical records.

Get statements from any witnesses and check to see if the accident was caught on surveillance video. You will need evidence to show that your injuries happened while on the job and that you suffered losses including medical expenses and lost wages.

Steps To Take To File A Claim

The claim filing process can vary from one state to another, so you need to make sure you are familiar with the state laws where you are located.

Just as previously mentioned in what to do after a workplace accident, you will need to follow some basic steps to get your workers’ comp claim underway.

There are very specific deadlines for filing a workers’ comp claim, and if you miss a deadline, you can lose your chance to recover compensation and access the benefits that you would otherwise be entitled to receive after having been hurt while on the job.

It is recommended that you jot down the details while the incident is still fresh in your memory. Your statement will need to be a specific as possible.

As an example, you were standing on a ladder in the stockroom and your right foot slipped back of the step, causing you to lose your balance.

You then fell backward from the fourth step up and your left leg struck the ladder and your back struck the floor. Your left foot became stuck in the ladder and your leg twisted as the rest of your body fell on down to the floor.

Then detail your injuries. As an example, your left foot and leg felt sharp pain right away, and your back hurt in the center along the spine and you felt numbness in your hips.

How The Settlement May Be Calculated

The settlement will be calculated based on your medical expenses and your missed work and lost earnings. All your medical bills – doctor visits, hospital bills, ambulance costs, x-rays and scans, burn treatment and bandaging, medical devices, prescriptions and so forth. Burns usually require extensive care, so you should be sure to include any future medical expenses when adding up the costs of treatment.

You will receive about two-thirds your regular lost wages. Be sure to add in any future loss of earnings, as well as the past lost wages.

Maintain thorough documentation that adds up missed work and lost wages. Keep copies of any medical excuses that indicate you are unable to work or that indicate you will not be able to return to the same profession or other specifics about how your life and career are affected by the severity of the injuries you suffered in the accident while working at Panda Express.

Of course, each claim varies from the other, and settlements are decided on a case by case basis. You should maintain thorough documentation and gather evidence to get your claim underway in a timely manner. The claims process can be tricky, so consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer.

What Can Affect A Settlement

There are several things that can affect the speed of resolving a workers’ comp claim. The nature of the injury, if there are witnesses, if it was captured on video, if you had similar injuries in the past or pre-existing conditions, and the severity of your injuries and how long you will need care and what kind of care will be needed.

Often, settlements are delayed until the extent of your injuries has been determined so they can determine future medical needs and the future loss of earnings.

Sometimes the claim is denied, or settlements offered are too low because the insurer and the employer don’t want to pay out the funds that your claim is entitled to receive.

Your odds of a successful claim increase greatly when you have a workers’ compensation attorney representing you. You should consult with a workers’ comp lawyer about your Panda Express workers’ compensation claim.

Consult with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you were hurt while working your shift at Panda Express, you should consult with a workers’ compensation attorney because the claims process is complex. Workers’ comp claims are very detailed and complicated.

This is a stressful and time consuming process, so a workers’ comp can relieve your stress and positively impact your claim. A workers’ comp attorney will negotiate your settlement for you and appeal on your behalf if necessary.


The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Panda Express, you may not be entitled to any compensation.