Do I Need A Lawyer If I Am Hurt Working at Walmart*?

If you were working your shift at Walmart when you suffered an injury in a workplace accident, you are eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. A special insurance that most employers provide their workers at no cost, workers’ compensation includes medical benefits and covers a portion of the injured worker’s lost wages while he or she is unable to work because they are recovering from the workplace accident. Usually, the worker receives about two-thirds his or her regular salary, up to the maximum payout allowed by the state.

Damages You May Suffer After Being Hurt While Working at Walmart

Regardless of your work duties, you can suffer a workplace injury. For example, you were working night stock. You went to the stockroom and got a pallet jack filled with heavy cases of canned food. During the process, your foot was run over by the pallet jack, crushing your toes and breaking the bones on top of your foot. You had to be taken by ambulance to the local emergency room. You will have to go see an orthopedic specialist and you might undergo surgery.

You will be out of work for several weeks. You will need workers’ comp benefits to cover your medical expenses and you will also need to be paid a portion of your lost wages while you recover.

Why Consider a Lawyer?

Workers’ compensation claims can be challenging. Paperwork must be filled out properly and concisely. Your details must be consistent. There are workers’ compensation claims that are denied or those where benefits are stopped. Walmart employs individuals in several positions, such as cashiers, truck drivers, distribution center employees, sorters, stockers, meat department workers, bakery and deli employees, and managers. All these jobs have inherent risks.

As an example, a food department worker could suffer a serious cut while cutting meat or slicing vegetables. A stockroom worker could be hit by falling boxes and suffer a shoulder or back injury. Without the guidance of an attorney in these situations, some workers would not get access to the benefits that they need at a time when they need them most.

You don’t have to worry about out of pocket expenses when enlisting the help of a workers’ compensation attorney. Workers’ comp lawyers work on a contingency basis, so you have nothing to lose. They will not be paid until you get a settlement for your claim.

Often, a lump sum settlement is reached in lieu of continuing with the weekly payments that are sent while you are unable to work and perform your regular work duties at Walmart. A lawyer will make sure your claim is filed in a timely manner and that all resources are used effectively and efficiently.

Do I Need A Lawyer If I Am Hurt Working at Walmart*?

Work With a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

If you have been involved in a workplace accident at Walmart, you should consult with a workers’ compensation attorney. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form on this page to have your details shared with an attorney in your local area who will review your claim. A workers’ comp lawyer will determine the best way to proceed with your claim, so you get access to the benefits that you need.

*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Walmart or another party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.