Workers' Compensation: Ask An Attorney

Even a seemingly-straightforward claim for workers' compensation can be complicated. What should you do if your claim was denied, or if you believe your settlement was unfair?

A legal professional is always a good resource when faced with complicated workers' compensation questions. It's an attorney's job to work with workers' compensation claimants and help get them the settlements they need to recover after a workplace injury.

If you need help, you've turned to the right place! We've asked attorney Alaina Sullivan to give her input on some of the most common and confusing workers' compensation questions.

Here's what Ms. Sullivan had to say on some workers' compensation inquiries:

Do I Have a Claim?

Determining your eligibility can be one of the most complicated components of a workers' compensation claim. You may not know if you qualify for workers' compensation, who you can file a suit against, or what types of damages you can even claim. If you don't file within a specific time frame, you might not be eligible for workers' compensation at all. We have resources available for you to determine if you should start your claim.

Getting Assistance With Your Claim

Some claimants choose to "go it alone" and file a workers' compensation claim without any legal assistance. This is definitely possible, and you might be able to settle outside of court, but a qualified attorney can help you in numerous ways and is a valuable source to have on hand. They can ensure your rights are protected and reject any low offers sent to you by insurance, determine if you're asking for a fair settlement to begin with, and defend your claim in court if need be. Best of all, a workers' compensation attorney isn't paid unless you win your claim.

Miscellaneous Questions

Need further clarification on some workers' compensation questions? Refer to our miscellaneous questions to ensure you get the information you're looking for about the claims process, settlement and more.