How Can I Find a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Near Me?

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Before you begin your search for a worker’s compensation attorney, you should understand what criteria to use when conducting research.

You want to work with a workers’ comp attorney who has experience litigating cases that involve a workers’ compensation claim. An experienced lawyer knows how to calculate a value for a settlement, as well as gather and organize the evidence you need to win a workers’ comp case.

A workers’ comp lawyer also should be a responsive communicator. You should not have to wait more than 24 hours for a workers’ compensation lawyer to respond to an email, text message, and phone message. Professional reputation matters, which you discover by reading client reviews on sites such as Google and Facebook.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates attorneys and you only should hire a workers’ compensation lawyer who has received the highest rating of A+ from the consumer advocacy organization.

How to Find a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Near Me

Before the start of the digital era, most people in search of legal representation referred to the Yellow Pages. The Internet has displaced the Yellow Pages as an effective source of helping you answer the question, “How do I find a workers’ comp lawyer near me.” However, one old-school strategy remains highly effective at connecting clients with the best workers’ comp attorneys.

Work of Mouth Referrals

Networking with trusted friends and family members can help you find the right workers’ compensation lawyer. If you strike out with your inner circle, branch out by asking neighbors and professional colleagues for suggestions.

Perhaps one of your co-workers has gone through the workers’ compensation process, which means you might receive a tip on where to find the best legal representation. If you know any attorneys regardless of the type of practice, ask them for recommendations as well.

State Bar Association

Every state bar association manages a website that acts as a resource for potential clients and a networking tool for attorneys. One of the best features for potential clients is called “Find a Lawyer” or something similar to that.

The “Find a Lawyer” tool located as a page on your state bar association website allows you to type in criteria to narrow your search for a workers’ compensation attorney. You also might learn more about a lawyer’s disciplinary record.

Martindale-Hubbell Legal Directory

As one of the largest databases of its kind in the United States, the Martindale-Hubbel legal directory provides potential clients with a highly respected source for finding lawyers across all practices. You access the legal directory at your public library or the law school library of a college near you. The online lawyer locator service contains a vast database of more than one million lawyers from nearly 160 countries.

By Submitting Our Free Case Evaluation Form

Submitting the free case evaluation form on this page helps you “get connected with an independent, participating attorney who subscribes to this website and takes cases in your area. Scheduling a free case evaluation allows a workers’ compensation attorney to review evidence, as well as get the names and contact information of witnesses.

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