Nerve Damage and Workers’ Compensation

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If you have suffered nerve damage from a work accident, you may be able to get workers’ compensation. Some accidents may lead to nerve damage, which can affect the worker for years to come. If you have suffered nerve damage through a work-related injury, you can file a workers’ compensation claim. Here is a closer look at nerve damage and workers’ comp and how to determine the value of your settlement.

Can You Sue Your Employer for Nerve Damage?

Yes, if you have suffered nerve damage as part of a work-related injury, you can file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ comp allows very specific benefits, which include covering medical expenses and paying about two-thirds of the individual’s lost wages.

Each state has specific laws that apply to workers’ compensation benefits as well as the claims process. A workers’ comp attorney will be able to guide you through the process and make sure you are treated fairly and get a fair nerve damage workers’ compensation settlement. Make sure you follow proper protocol for your claim and get everything filed in a timely manner while adhering to deadlines.

Is It Difficult to Prove Nerve Damage?

To successfully prove you suffered nerve damage during the work-related incident, you must have strong medical evidence. This means imaging results, physician notes, treatment reports, specialist records, and so forth. To prove nerve damage, you must undergo the proper testing, such as nerve conduction studies and imaging, such as MRIs or CT scans.

These reports will help confirm the diagnosis as well as detail the severity of your nerve damage. X-rays may show broken bones that led to pinched nerves, scans or other imaging may show details about any other injuries that contributed to the nerve damage. The more documentation that you can provide to support your claim, the more likely you are to receive compensation for your workers’ comp nerve damage claim.

What Is the Average Workers’ Compensation Nerve Damage Settlement?

To be honest, there is no average settlement for nerve damage because the severity of the damage and the specifics of the accident can vary greatly. A settlement could be for as little as $2,000 for up to as much as $40,000 depending on the severity of the nerve damage and whether you will be able to return to work. Of course, if the nerve damage causes permanent disability, the settlement will be greater than if you make a full recovery and only require a few weeks off work.

Get Help with Your Nerve Damage Workers’ Compensation Claim

To find out how much your nerve damage workers’ compensation settlement may be worth, speak with a workplace injury attorney. Nerve damage can impact your life for years to come, so be sure to get your claim underway in a timely manner, so you can make sure you get compensated fairly for your work-related injury. Complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page to get connected with an independent, participating attorney who subscribes to the website.

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